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Tenerife offered the resistance that is toughest to the Spaniards. In May 1493 de Lugo landed on Tenerife, as well as 1000 infantry soldiers and a cavalry of 150, one of them Guanches from Gran Canaria and Los Angeles Gomera.

The spaniards fortified their positions and attempted talks with several of the nine menceys, managing to win over those of Güímar and Anaga in the ensuing months. Bencomo, mencey of Tahoro and sworn enemy regarding the invaders, was clear on the support of at the very least three other menceys, whilst the remaining three wavered.

In the springtime associated with the following year, de Lugo sent a line westwards. This proved a disaster. Bencomo was waiting in ambush within the Barranco de Acentejo ravine. The Spanish force had been decimated at a spot now called La Matanza de Acentejo (Slaughter of Acentejo). De Lugo then thought better associated with operation that is whole left Tenerife.

By the end of the season he was back once again to practice the 2nd major battle for the campaign – at La Laguna on 14 November 1494. Here he'd greater success, but the Guanches were far from beaten and de Lugo dropped back once again to Santa Cruz. A plague known as the modorra began to ravage the island at the beginning of the New Year. It barely seemed to affect the Spaniards but soon took a toll that is serious the Guanches.

On 25 December 1494, 5000 Guanches under Bencomo had been routed in the 2nd battle associated with Acentejo. The spot, only a kilometres that are few of Los Angeles Matanza, continues to be called La Victoria (Victory) today. By the following July, whenever de Lugo marched into the Valle de la Orotava to confront Bencomo’s successor, Bentor, the diseased and demoralised Guanches had been in no state to resist. Bentor surrendered as well as the conquest had been complete. Pouches of opposition took couple of years to mop up, and Bentor eventually committed committing suicide.
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13. Four of Spain’s thirteen national parks can be found within the Canary Islands. Teide nationwide Park on Tenerife houses Spain’s mountain that is highest plus the world’s third largest volcano. Teide is Spain’s most-visited National Park.
The activity of Lucha Canaria in the Islands that is canary involves wrestlers in a sand ring. Photo by Lexthoonen.

The sport of Lucha Canaria into the Islands that is canary involves wrestlers in a sand ring. Photo by Lexthoonen.

14. The Canary Islands offer some unique sports:

lucha canaria – wrestling with opponents standing in the center of a sand group called a “terrero” try to toss each other towards the ground. The object is to make one’s touch that is opponent sand with any part of their human anatomy, except the feet.
juego del palo – a martial art/folk sport of stick-fighting that involves each participant making use of 3 to 4 ft. long stay glued to attack and prevent their opponent.
salto del pastor – called “the shepherd’s jump,” this sport runs on the long stay glued to vault over an area that is open. This sport evolved from Canarian shepherds who used of long wooden pole to transport by themselves across ravines and down high embankments.

15. There was only 1 Starbucks in most associated with Canary Islands. Its found at the Gran Canaria Airport regarding the area of Gran Canaria. Since the Starbucks here's positioned inside of airport protection, just showing up or flight that is departing can visit Starbucks in the Canary Islands. The positioning just holds Starbucks Spain mugs.

You might want the scoop to impress your friends and family with.So, from wrestling and astronomy to sea lions and whistling, we've compiled some interesting facts about the Canary Islands to know before you go when you head off on your holiday to Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote or Fuerteventura.